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At ARX we provide innovative solutions and designs for structural engineering. We know that each project is different and, as such, we offer tailored designs and personal service to all our clients. Our services include building inspections, construction and building advice and the certifications for the structural design of high-rise and residential buildings. Our tailored designs and documentation take into consideration the most appropriate materials and construction methods to minimise factors such as costs and time. We ensure that your project is designed with the most up-to-date products and techniques and is in accordance with the latest codes. We understand the importance of both the architectural design and building design. As such, we work closely with our builders to deliver outcomes that meet the necessary structural requirements. Our aim is to provide you with designs that enhance the architectural aesthetics of a building and maintain the artistic vision of your project. Our clients range from large national project builders, to project developers, to individual home owners. Our friendly and knowledgable staff are ready to help and will take your call, any time of the day.

Our team understand that civil (drainage) engineering has a number of broad and complex requirements. We therefore make it our job to simplify this process for our clients by managing all lines of communication with local authorities and Council. We also provide the Certificate of Compliance, if required.With extensive experience in civil engineering we are a hands-on team who investigate problems thoroughly and then provide practical solutions.We deal with the design, construction and maintenance of buildings, roads and bridges whilst also taking into consideration environmental factors such as waterways etc. We also consider constructability and the safety of maintenance staff. At ARX our aim is to provide you with the best possible design whilst also maintaining industry standards and compliance requirements. Our credos of excellence, personalised service and years of experience in this field make us the best possible choice for your civil engineering projects.  We will see your project through its entire life cycle with integrity and reliability.

At ARX we have a vast knowledge of the commercial building and engineering landscape in Australia. We know that commercial engineering is a broad practice area which encompasses all projects from various commercial pursuits. As such, we approach each project from a unique standpoint that values person-to-person communication and design customisation. With our experience in commercial development projects we provide our clients with feedback from the point of conceptual design onwards. We are then involved in the schematic phase and preliminary structural systems. In doing this, we are able to help our clients reach a point, with their designs, that ensures build-ability and compliance with common practice. We specialise in multi-storey office developments, commercial refurbishments and apartment blocks. However, we also handle any and all projects that result in monetary or other gain for our clients, including industrial engineering, retail engineering, mixed use engineering, and even recreational engineering. To do this we draw on the vast experience of our team members, their broad skills and the latest technologies to deliver outstanding results.

At ARX we figure out how to do things better. This means dealing with the optimisation of complex processes and/or systems and working to minimise resources such as time, money, materials, man-hours, energy and other factors that contribute to cost. We are certified and trained to provide you with quality improvement advice. We do this by analysing things from a technical and business point of view. We apply science, mathematics and engineering skills to system integration and operations. Due to the complexity of these systems, our team must possess knowledge in a variety of disciplines as well as a broad systems perspective. This understanding enables us to improve processes and make a greater difference on projects. However, our success is also determined by the way we work and deal with people. We therefore make it a priority to maintain open lines of communication with our clients at all times. We also take advantage of the latest construction techniques to provide our clients with the best possible service. Our experience includes projects and industrial developments all across Australia. This includes the design of warehouses and factories, where we monitor the use of materials and construction timing to ensure the project is economical and efficient.

Project big or small, we are here to deliver.


We are a team of engineering and building professionals dedicated to our clients. It is our belief that quality service shouldn’t come at the cost of the client. Whether it is for a civil, residential, commercial or industrial project, we aim to deliver service that exceeds expectations. At ARX we believe the key to successful client relationships stems from effective communication, trust and follow through. We will work with you on your project through every step until the final phase. We pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary expertise in both building and engineering. Given this background, we promise to provide ‘hands on’ service that is personalised to each client and project. We want to build long-lasting client relationships that proceed from quality and cost-effective work.