ARX Consulting Engineers | About Us
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We are a team of dedicated building and engineering specialists who work on a number of civil, residential, commercial and industrial projects. At ARX Consulting Engineers we adopt a ‘hands-on’ approach to projects that enable us to be recognised as both domestic builders and engineers. ARX is a multidisciplinary firm with expertise in Building Code and Australian Standards knowledge, documentation, liaison, design and support. Our specialist knowledge of the building industry and engineering expertise makes us better equipped to provide advice that is tailored to suit your needs.


We are a rapidly growing business and, as such, our vision for the future encompasses both our staff and clientele. Our vision for this company is to provide building and engineering solutions that inspire. We answer every call and solve all problems on site. We believe that unity, and working together, is paramount to our success.


At ARX Consulting Engineers our mission statement is ‘committed to excellence’. Excellence to us means going above and beyond the ordinary. It means making valuable contributions, noticing what others don’t and propelling a project to success. Achieving excellence is never easy, but at ARX we don’t believe in taking the easy road out. We question past methods and ask ‘how can we do it better?’.


ARX Consulting Engineers was built on strong company values of fairness, innovation and respect. We believe in providing services that not only adhere to industry and regulatory codes but are of the highest standards. Our core values include providing excellent service, cost-effective solutions and personalised advice. Most importantly we value originality, resourcefulness and imagination in our business solutions and staff.


ARX Consulting Engineers was established in 2011 as a specialist civil and structural engineering company. Established on the credos ‘committed to excellence’, Dobrica and Zana Milicevic founded ARX with the aim of providing quality yet cost effective services for their clients. Dobrica is a skilled and experienced engineer with a background in residential, commercial and industrial design. Some of his notable projects include; a water treatment plant in Wagga Wagga for 160 million, the new RMIT building in Melbourne city and the new amphitheatre building at Deakin University. Zana is a business expert who focuses on the growth and potential of ARX. She has a background in international business and business management and the uncanny ability to spot business potential and opportunities. With over 15 years combined industry experience, Dobrica and Zana have established ARX as a consulting firm that invests in the needs of their clients. This means going above and beyond the normal call of duty to establish long-lasting and trusting client relationships. These company values have seen ARX through five consecutive years of business with no paid advertising, relying solely on referrals and word of mouth. Since its inception this company has been on path of continued growth. Starting with just its founders, ARX now comprises compelling team members.

Project big or small, we are here to deliver.